Photo Gallery of 1949 Mercury Body

  What type of donor car would someone need?
1990 or Newer Town Car.

Replica ($4,000.00)
1949 Mercury Replica Kit
Now $4,000.00
Due Now for Kit Start, ready in approx 7 days.

Replica Extras
Some customers want the Inner Supports with their Kit (Steel Tubing support),
Add Inner Steel Support for Replica Body $1,300.00 this like a Roll Cage, but not so Bulky. Upon your completion of the build this will all be hidden behind trim and panels.
Add Custom Hinges for Tilt Front End $400.00

Roller ($10,500.00 + Replica = $14,500.00)
With in 2 weeks your Kit will be delivered to the build shop where your Donor Car will be pre-disassembled and ready for Stage two fabrications.
Stage Two $10,000.00
50% Up front = $5,250.00,
25% when full inner20supports and body are fitted = $2,625.00 ,
Remaining 25% = $2,625.00 when it is completed and ready for you to pick up.

   -Donor vehicle and Kit purchased and delivered (Donor Car First)
   -Strip donor body from chassis
   -Inspect chassis and chassis components
   -Stretch chassis to proper wheelbase
   -Resurface chassis to prevent corrosion
   -Replace any components that excessively worn or damaged
   -Prepare fiberglass body to be mounted
   -Properly align body on chassis for proper fitment and panel gaps
   -Fabricate roll cage (1 ½” round tubing) for safety and body mount locations
   -Reinforce Doors, Deck lid, Front tilt with steel plates and steel tubing for hinge and latch mounting
   -Hinge and Latch Doors, Deck lid, and Front tilt using donor components
   -Temporarily mount outer door skins and rear deck lid skin
-Adjust body for perfect gaps on all panels                                
   -Complete any sheet metal modifications on floor pan, fire wall, and trunk area
   -Test fit the following components: Headlights Taillights Windshield Rear Glass Rear quarter Glass Door Glass Gauges Seats Interior panels Power window components Power lock components Modify wiring where needed  
-Fabricate Mounting Brackets for the following components: Dash Headlight buckets Taillight buckets Interior panels Trunk panels Seat tracks -Incorporate donor AC/Heat controls into dash
   -Incorporate AC/Heat Vents and Defrost into Dash
    -Incorporate donor wiper motor to Mercury cowl
    -Complete necessary bodywork                           

Go TURN KEY & Drive Home for $30,000.00
Extra Pics Below,


Wide range of pictures of the beautiful 49 Mercury!

Mold Making Process

1949 Mercury

1949 Mercury replica

1949 Merc






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Finished Product

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How Your New 1949 Mercury Replica is Created

Your New 1949 Mercury Replica is created using the best Fiberglass Chemicals available from Composites One LLC. Your new Replica is Hand Laid 3 Layers thick in 2 oz Fiberglass Chop Matt or approximatly 3/16 inch in thickness. The molds have been cleaned, sealed, and Partal Number 2 Paste applied. Then the Partal Number 10 Film is applied. This replaces PMR which can allow damages to the mold and that would effect the end quality of your Replica. The next step is applying the Gel Coat, we use White Gel Coat standard approximatly 14 mil in thickness on every part. This allows more sanding with out cutting into the Resin and Matt.


All hard radius edges are reinforced using RMP (Radius Marine Putty) to reinforce the Body Structure in those areas and virtually eliminate all hidden Air Pockets. The final process is the Hand Laid Fiberglass Matt which is applied in 3 individual even layers, each layer is rolled to remove virtually all Air Pockets. Our goal is to deliver the Best 1949 Mercury Replica ever introduced to the Public Market in the world.

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